The number "six" embodies several characteristics of a PR professional.

What does sixPR mean?

Community Campaigns
Small to Medium
Size Business
Government + Healthcare
Community Development
Municipalities + Economic
Business Start-ups
Connections + Coaching

In-depth experience to lead the communications' efforts for regional community initiatives. Our desire is to see that accurate, objective and timely information is presented to the public.

Ongoing communication projects on a retainer basis, such as blogs, employee e-news, awards submissions, speeches, website content, social media strategy and execution, and media relations.

Experience to lead public information campaigns, coordinate and publicize public meetings to educate and inform citizens on issues impacting the community.

Short-term campaigns designed to inform the public, obtain input, and promote goodwill.  Work closely with area elected officials to educate and gain buy-in for projects.

Position and promote municipalities as ideal travel destinations and support business recruitment, expansion and retention efforts.

Brand development on a budget, publicity, and launch events.

Promotional services for grand openings and community awareness and visibility campaigns.

Provide media relations and services for national product launches.

Develop and execute social media strategies to gain awareness on behalf of a brand.

Customized media, presentation, and communications training sessions held on-site, we prepare executives for a range of media challenges.