Sheila Curley, APR

Principal, Co-founder

Email:  |  Phone: 918.830.3268 

Washington D.C. may have Olivia Pope, but we have Sheila. If there’s a crisis, you definitely want this powerhouse in your corner. Her impressive resume spans over two decades of strategic communications, crisis management, and corporate public relations. In fact, the Public Relations Society of America Tulsa Chapter recently named her Public Relations Professional of the Year.


Sheila comes from a long line of strong women – and is now raising one of her own. Her daughter Madison graduated from “that other school in Norman.” (For those who do not know, Sheila bleeds orange.) Despite her choices in college, Madison is Sheila’s pride and joy.


Just a small-town girl, Sheila grew up on a dairy farm in northeastern Oklahoma, where she played basketball one minute and entered pageants the next. Sheila’s part tomboy, but can wear high heels like nobody’s business. She’s as tough as nails. Unless there’s a spider involved. Then it’s all bets off.


Sheila’s idiosyncrasies … besides spiders…

  • Incorrect use of grammar

  • When her business partner eats popcorn at her desk

  • Her compulsive need to vacuum

  • Her ability to go without sleep or food (or even going to the bathroom) for days on end

Marnie Fernandez

Principal, Co-founder

Email:  |  Phone: 918.381.4505 

Before her foray into opening sixPR with friend and business partner Sheila Curley, Marnie spent several years in the non-profit world.  Her favorite was the decade she spent working in the zoo world – the Fort Worth Zoo and Tulsa Zoo. She has an affinity for penguins and even had one spend the night in her bathtub.


Marnie and her husband Shane enjoy views of the Gathering Place from their backyard with their blended family of four children. Before kids and owning a business, Marnie used to do epic adventures like ice climbing Mount Rainer, rock climbing the Great Tetons, and running the Honolulu Marathon. Now her hobbies consist of wine and sleep.


Marnie is completely and ridiculously obsessed with the OKC Thunder. Just ask to see her embroidered blue and orange bomber jacket and to name the entire Thunder roster including their bios. It’s pretty impressive, really.  


Strange but true Marnie facts…

  • Marnie’s eyes are two different colors and she has extra bones in her feet

  • Her resume includes “Professor of Horseback Riding and Canoeing”

  • While working at the Fort Worth Zoo, Marnie ran a golf cart into Willie Nelson’s trailer while driving baseball legend Nolan Ryan. She then tripped and fell on top of then-Texas Governor Rick Perry. And somehow managed to not get fired.

Canaan Rice

Account & Events Manager

Email:  |  Phone: 918.851.4738

Canaan has more than ten years of experience managing 500 + person events and every level in between. She can also identify the makes and models of all cars and can name the year within a five-year window. She’s a woman of many talents.


From working with Mary Lou Retton for Aim High Academy’s Gold Medal Night, planning a 100-year anniversary celebration for a local company, to managing the massive volunteer initiative for the Vision Tulsa campaign– Canaan has many career highlights during her time at sixPR. Her events have won several awards as well as the gold member status at Chinese Foot Massage.


In her spare time (oxymoron?), Canaan loves family dinners with her two darling girls and husband, collecting shot glasses, yoga, and basketball (not at the same time). She also loves organizing said shot glasses and anything else that can be color-coded or put in a cute container in alphabetical order.


Canaan’s Pet Peeves

  • Empty public bathrooms. So, this may be more of an irrational fear than a pet peeve. If she asks you to accompany her to the restroom…now you know.

  • Tapping feet or fingers.

  • When people make fun of her first (and only) artistic attempt – “The Angry Tree” a canvas that hangs proudly in her entryway.

Lindsey Wichern

Account Manager

Email:  |  Phone: 918.949.8186

Known as our resident globe trotter, (she graduated high school in Italy and has traveled to over 40 countries!) Lindsey now travels with her husband Steve and their two children.


Lindsey has over 8 years of experience in public relations, and her “slightly obsessive personality” ensures that all our clients receive first class service.  Which would also explain her passion for zero unread emails and zero clutter. 


Prior to sixPR, Lindsey (otherwise known as Linz by those closest to her) spent time at the YMCA of Greater Tulsa as Communications Director and also at Schnake Turnbo Frank as an account coordinator. She eventually wants to go on a world cruise. We have a distinct feeling Lindsey will not only make that happen, she will be running the ship as well.  As long as daily massages are included.


Favorite line from her (ALL TIME FAVORITE) movie:

 “Attitude reflects leadership, Captain.” – Remember the Titans

Cassie Drake

Graphic Designer

Email:  |  Phone: 405.229.9638


When Cassie isn't spending time with her son or helping her husband at his chiropractic office, she is a freelance graphic designer with years of experience. After graduating from OSU with a graphic design degree, Cassie got design experience working for Mullerhaus Publishing Arts and Walsh Branding before becoming a freelancer after her son's birth in 2016.

Cassie is a branding expert, and some of her favorite projects include branding the Center of the Universe Festival, Living Arts, Coney I-Lander, and the Tulsa Botanic Garden. Although she has all of these fantastic accomplishments, nothing beats the time she won the National Crayola Dream-Makers competition in 2nd grade and had her art displayed in the White House.

Fun Facts about Cassie:

  • She has a 175lb Great Dane named Brutus Grumbles Drake

  • She once told her family she "likes" pink flamingos and has been gifted flamingo knickknacks ever since. Her house is now a landmark in her neighborhood and is called the "Pink Flamingo House."

  • She is the model on the cover of a Christian romance novel titled Love Finds You in Poetry, Texas

Chelsea Schumann

Account Coordinator - Social Media Specialist

Email:  |  Phone: 918.814.0536


Stay out of this girl’s way – Chelsea is always on the move – so please don’t walk slowly or make her stand in a line.  


When not obsessing about Harry Potter, (she has a life-size Harry Potter cutout in her house) this talented graphic artist works on designing super cool pieces and clever social media campaigns for our clients.  


Chelsea graduated from OSU with a degree in Strategic Communications; however, her ultimate life goal is to play a victim on a hit criminal investigation show where they spend the entire episode trying to solve her murder. We aren’t sure what college degree will prepare her for that – but she claims, “I can hold my breath for a really long time, so I would make a good dead person.”


Other Chelsea fun facts:

  • While she can’t handle slow walkers or standing in line – another pet peeve is when people tell her to hurry. Irony anyone?

  • Chelsea’s grandmother would send her a card every week while she was in college. She looked forward to receiving them so much, that she now keeps every card given to her and places them in keepsake albums.

  • Chelsea has a long-haired Chihuahua named Dayzi Duke Tinkerbell Love Schumann. Enough said.

Claire Raschen 


Email:  |  Phone: 918.899.2570


Claire recently graduated from Oklahoma State University with a Marketing degree and is our go-to girl for all things random. From taking care of the office plants to writing press releases, she is up for anything!


When Claire isn't working, you can find her binge-watching The Office for the 100th time or planning her next vacation. Her all-time favorite travel destination is Cape Town, South Africa, and she is hoping to visit London, England for her next trip abroad.


A few of Claire's favorite things:

  • Cats

  • Matcha Lattes

  • Yoga

  • Podcasts

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